Instructional Design Portfolio

Course Design Philosophy

As an instructional designer, I have created courses ranging from five weeks to fifteen weeks for adult learners. Syllabi for many of these course can be found in teaching tab of this website. My approach to designing a curriculum is to begin with analyzing the instructional goals and learner priors. Once an assessment of prior knowledge, exiting resources, and required knowledge has been completed, I move on to establishing instructional strategies in alignment with the learning objectives derived from the aforementioned instructional goals. Subsequently, I design learning materials using resources that integrate content with supporting media. The developed curriculum is implemented using structured scheduling and formative feedback in order to assess learner progress throughout the educational experience. I emphasize “closing the loop” by applying summative assessment to the learning process with opportunities for learners to demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge identified by the learning objectives.

Instructional Videos

An sample of instructional videos can be found on my youtube channel.

Workshop Development

In addition to designing 5-15 week courses, I have developed workshops ranging from 75 minutes to four days.